Terms & Conditions


Big Access Media refers to www.bigaccessmedia.com (the site), Big Access Media IOS App, Big Access Media Android App. Big Access Media may also be referred to as BAM. When either ‘app’ or ‘apps’ are mentioned, it is referring to the IOS and Android applications unless otherwise stated.


We think it is really important that you are comfortable with all the necessary elements of connecting with our website. So we have used language in this document that is clear and easy to understand.

We ask all our users, before accessing and using the website, to please read all of this Terms and Conditions document and the Privacy Policy. If there is any part that you are unsure of, please contact us via email at support@bigaccessmedia.com or through our contact options on the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Until then, please refrain from using the site or the apps. We want all users to be comfortable with the entire system and their experience of it.

By accessing the site, it means that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions outlined in these Terms and Conditions and the Big Access Media Privacy Policy. By accessing Big Access Media (www.bigaccessmedia.com) or our IOS or Android apps you have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which form an agreement that is legally binding between you (the user) and Big Access Media.

Customer Service Policy

Big Access Media is focused on bringing you a complete customer service experience. If you need assistance at any time you can contact us via email at support@bigaccessmedia.com. We will endeavour to respond to any query you may have as soon as possible. We also have a How it Works video on the website and a How it Works audio file on the app that may assist with your issue.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

If we decide to change any part of these Terms and Conditions, we will do a number of things so that everyone is made aware of these changes and can make informed decisions about using Big Access Media.

You will be sent an email outlining these changes if you are on our mailing list.
All changes will be posted in these Terms and Conditions and highlighted in bright red for a reasonable amount of time.

For major instances of Terms and Conditions changes, we will also have a note in a prominent position on the website.


Big Access Media provides a number of functions as part of our complete service. These include the On Demand Library, Entertainment Guide, the Sync Function and the How it Works video.

On Demand Library– when an Audio Description file is uploaded into our system, it immediately goes into our On Demand Library and can be accessed at any time. We will try and keep our On Demand Library as current and accurate as possible but we cannot be held responsible for any error relating to any files that are in the system or are due to be uploaded, and may have been caused by any internal or external issue. If you have any questions about when a file will be uploaded please contact us at support@bigaccessmedia.com.

Entertainment Guide– for all shows that have a live broadcast for that 24 hour period on an Australian or international network, the details of the show will be published in our Entertainment Guide. This allows our users to Sync with the program when it is broadcast or to download the file ahead of the broadcast time once it has been uploaded into our system. Big Access Media will attempt to keep our Entertainment Guide as accurate as possible but we cannot be held responsible for any errors or delays in putting the correct information into our Entertainment Guide section. If you have any problems regarding this section, please contact us at support@bigaccessmedia.com

Sync– the sync function allows our users to gain access to an audio described program at the time that it is being broadcast on any device, at any time. It takes approximately 30-45 seconds to listen for the appropriate ‘fingerprint’ and then approximately another 15 seconds to find the file. Sometimes the sync will be unsuccessful which can usually be attributed to background noise or the volume of the device not being loud enough. There may also be issues with independent wi-fi, 3G and 4G connections. Big Access Media cannot be held responsible for any ‘sync’ attempt that is unsuccessful for any reason whether it is due to an internal system fault or any external issue.

How It Works– there is a How It Works video section of the website and an auto-play How it Works audio file contained in the apps. These are to assist users to have the best experience of the BAM system as well as offering basic instructions. These instructions will be as accurate as possible and will be updated promptly after any changes are made to the system, however, Big Access Media cannot be held liable for any mistakes in this information or delays in uploading it into the system.

Big Access Media Email List

You may be contacted by one of our staff to use the Big Access Media system. You will have the choice to share with us your email address. The reason we will ask for your email address is so you can find out what shows we have audio described for your enjoyment in a particular period. We may also email you what shows are coming up soon. You will have the chance to opt out of receiving these emails at any time.

Generally we only give your email address to:
(a) external providers of services we use to operate our business and manage our business systems (e.g. mailing list software providers or CRM providers)

Facebook and Twitter

Big Access Media has a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. This will be used to communicate necessary information so you can fully enjoy our service. The information will usually be very basic things like the time a show is on that we have audio described and the channel that the live broadcast will appear on.

Sharing– You may decide to communicate with us through these platforms. When this occurs, you will come under the privacy policies of Facebook and Twitter or any other social media platform we may choose to engage, so if you are concerned about what may happen to anything you may share, please read their privacy policies before you communicate with us.

Training– We may decide to use any feedback you give us through these platforms for training purposes. This will all be dealt with internally and won’t be made public at any time. The type of training will be very basic and will mainly be about responding to our users posts or communicating information in an appropriate manner.

Marketing– If we decide to use a post or tweet for marketing purposes, we will not include your name, Twitter handle or any other identifiable information unless we gain permission off you beforehand. Your post or tweet may be used with your name and any other identifiable information ‘blurred’ out or removed. Once we have removed these things, we gain the right to use the post or tweet with any marketing or training process we choose.

Platform Policy– We encourage anyone to use these platforms to communicate with us any questions or comments they may have about our service. We will be governed by each independent platforms ‘offensive language’ policy so if any post or tweet is deleted, it may have been the decision of the host platform. We cannot be held responsible for any Facebook post or Twitter tweet that is removed by the host. Big Access Media also has the right to remove any post or tweet for any reason and at any time.

Response– We will attempt to respond to any query or question submitted by any Big Access Media user on any social media platform where we have an official presence. However, we cannot be held responsible if we are either unable to respond, overlook a query or question, or do not respond in a manner considered timely by the user.

IOS and Android Applications

Once you activate our IOS or Android app, you will immediately come under the privacy policies of these platforms. If you have any concerns or any doubts about the use of your information, please check the privacy policies before you use our apps.

Microphone Access– In order to deliver the ‘sync’ service, BAM requires access to your microphone to determine which file you are requesting. By using this service, you agree to allow us this access.

Downloading Apps

Users can download our apps from iTunes or through Google Play. Big Access Media cannot be held responsible for any error or delay in the download process from either of these external platforms.


Big Access Media’s objective is to allow users to access the website and apps at any time but due to a number of reasons this may not be possible. These reasons may include (but are not limited to) general and routine site maintenance or server issues. The user acknowledges and understands that internal or external circumstances may interrupt any or all Big Access Media services at any time. Big Access Media is not responsible and will not be held liable for any information or any data that is lost while transmitting on the Internet.


Every user agrees to use this website subject to these Terms and Conditions and to abide by any laws and regulations that may apply to them in their home country (including a foreign country if the user is a non-resident of Australia). Big Access Media will refer any activity that it deems as being unlawful or fraudulent to the relevant authorities.

You must agree that you will not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, post, or communicate any content contained on the website. This does not include specific marketing videos, which will be clearly marked as being able to be ‘shared’.

You must agree not to commercialise any content contained on the website.
You must agree not to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, post, distribute, communicate or commercialise any email or written correspondence supplied by Big Access Media unless permission is stipulated in these Terms and Conditions or you have the written consent of Big Access Media.
Any person found to be involved in any activity that disrupts, damages, tampers with, interferes or disables the website, servers or networks of Big Access Media will have their account immediately cancelled and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


All users arrive, use and depart www.bigaccessmedia.com or our IOS or Android apps at their own risk. Big Access Media gives no warranties or any guarantees that the website will be free of errors or will be continuously available despite Big Access Media’s commitment to minimise errors or interruptions.
Big Access Media does not make any guarantee of any result being achieved by a user through using Big Access Media or any of its systems, parts or sections.

While every precaution is undertaken to ensure all information contained within, and all emails and other communication sent from, Big Access Media are relevant, updated and error free, no guarantee is made regarding this information.

Big Access Media is not liable for any disruption, interference, damage or virus sent from the website or from any communication sent. It is the sole responsibility of the user to take all precautions and protect themselves and their computer system with appropriate firewalls and anti-virus software.

Big Access Media cannot be held liable for any misinformation or error in the details, whether it be personal or product specific, supplied by any featured television program and movie on the Big Access Media platforms.

Big Access Media will also not be liable for any loss of profit suffered either by a user directly or any third party involved in any transaction with the user.

Big Access Media will not be held responsible for any accident or injury suffered by a user as a result of partaking in any service that Big Access Media provides.