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Q: How far away do I need to have my device from the speakers?

A: People have reported that they have been able to get a perfect sync from distances of around 5 meters. We suggest that the optimal distance would be between 1-3 metres. The important factor to consider is that there is minimal noise interference while the app is listening to the show.

Q: When will the app be available for Android?

A: We are in the Beta process of the Android release at the moment, and expect to have it available very soon.

Q: What web browsers does the BAM Describe system work with.

A: Currently, Google Chrome is the browser that delivers the best results. Microsoft Edge, Firefox and  Safari are being investigated to offer better support for our users.

Q: I have some ideas for the app/web version, how can I contact you.

A: We always encourage feedback and ideas, and would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us page to send your feedback.

Q: The ad breaks are at different times. What do I do?

A: The ad breaks are set by the broadcaster and we follow the times given to us. Broadcasters can change ad break positions to suit their schedules so we advise our users to simply press the RE-SYNC button if the broadcast and your app are not aligned.

Q: I have trouble syncing when I have low battery?

A: Some devices have a low power mode and the automated settings associated with saving battery power can effect the ability to sync as certain functions are stopped sooner when the device is idle. It is best to switch off the Low Power Mode in the Settings menu of your device to avoid any issues whilst syncing.